Remarkable Women Welcomes you

Remarkable Women’s Ministry Welcomes YOU!

The Remarkable Women’s Ministry was created as a way to bring together the women of our church and community. This ministry founded by Vermont Avenue Baptist Church’s Lady Lakisha Cox has been a blessing to hundreds of women in our church and surrounding communities. First Lady Cox and her team have dedicated themselves to the mission of making all the women of our church feel welcomed and connected to something bigger than themselves. Their programs have helped young women connect to our church. And they have created impactful events like Pop Social, the Vision Board Party, Paint & Praise, Women’s Tea, and the list goes on and on. It is remarkable to watch the women who come to these events smile and enjoy being God’s children.

Their programs line up with our church’s mission and vision and have a God-centered focus that creates the perfect space for a person who is trying to find their way to Jesus. Because of their tireless work, our church is better positioned to expand our influence for Jesus Christ. They have consistently supported all of the initiatives of VABC every time they’ve been called.

However,  what is more important is the spirit in which they work. The leadership of the Remarkable Women’s Ministry has grown in their faith, in their commitment to serving God and in their love for each other. They embody what it means to be Christ centered women, and that is something we are all quite proud to be a part of at VABC. They do everything to the glory of God! Click the button below to give to the Remarkable Women Ministry.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30

Who Is A Remarkable Woman?

You Are!

Every woman seasoned and young, who is a member of VABC or any of the communities we serve, is welcomed to join Remarkable Women’s Ministry. VABC serves all communities of the DMV area and beyond! So yes, you are a Remarkable Woman with the potential for ministry.

What is the Mission of Remarkable Women?

Proverbs 30:31

Remarkable Women's Ministry Mission

To fully equip women to be leaders in every area in their lives through remarkable resilience and obedience to Biblical principals, practical applications and Christian sisterhood.

How Will Remarkable Women Impact Our Community?

It Begins at VABC!

We're Excited!

Remarkable Women’s Ministry is excited about meeting all women where they are on their Christian journey through Biblical encouragement, intentional outreach and tailored fellowship experiences. Remarkable Women’s Ministry will also provide a place in God’s kingdom where all women can see themselves represented and be embraced with the love of our Lord.